"Not to mince words, Mr Epstein, we don't like your boys' sound. Groups of guitarists are on the way out."

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Play reveals how Paul got Fixing a Hole from Mal Evans
The play "Beatle Mal," based on Beatles roadie Mal Evans, was performed for one night only in Liverpool, Sept 28th....
Paul McCartney's talking squirrel movie is finally getting made
The children's book "High in the Clouds", written by Sir Paul McCartney, is being adapted into a feature film, about...

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      Ron Howard to Direct Documentary on Beatles' Performing History
      The documentary will focus on the band’s touring years, which ended in 1966 after a concert at San Francisco’s Candlestick Park....
      1964: Fans Scream for Beatles at Movie Premiere
      Highlights from the International Herald Tribune archives: A crowd of fans greeted the Beatles at the premiere of their first film, in 1964....
      Blast From the Past: No Digital Technology for Beatles LPs in Mono
      The reissue of the Beatles’ albums in mono on vinyl will use the original analog master tapes for the pressings....

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